Council Meeting

 Wednesday, 2 September 2020  at 6:30pm


Cumberland City Council Chambers

Merrylands Service Centre, 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands



Councillor Contact Details



Granville Ward

Clr Steve Christou


0419 651 187

Clr Joseph Rahme

0418 995 471

Clr Ola Hamed

0405 070 007

Greystanes Ward

Clr Eddy Sarkis

(Deputy Mayor)

0418 306 918

Clr Greg Cummings

0417 612 717




Regents Park Ward

Clr Ned Attie

0419 583 254

Clr George Campbell

0409 233 315

Clr Kun Huang

0418 911 774

South Granville Ward

Clr Paul Garrard

0414 504 504

Clr Tom Zreika

0400 805 303

Clr Glenn Elmore

0418 459 527

Wentworthville Ward

Clr Michael Zaiter

0418 432 797

Clr Suman Saha

0419 546 950

Clr Lisa Lake

0418 669 681





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Council Meeting

 2 September 2020


Council Meeting – 2 September 2020

Mayoral Minutes

MM09/20-39   Mayoral Minute - PCYC in Merrylands................................ 5



Council Meeting

 2 September 2020


Item No: MM09/20-39

Mayoral Minute - PCYC in Merrylands

Author:                                      Mayor Steve Christou

File Number:                              SC486  





Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW (PCYC) is a not-for-profit organisation delivering a broad range of youth and community activities and support. The organisation focuses on empowering young people to be the best that they can be through personal development programs in partnership with NSW Police Youth and Crime Prevention Command. The clubs are welcoming and accessible, reflecting the community they serve by offering classes and programs to suite all ages and lifestyles.


The population in Cumberland City Council is young, with a large percentage under the age of 24 years. Myself and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Sarkis along with Councillor Rahme have been repeatedly approached by the youth in our Merrylands community and surrounds in relation to the establishment of a similar facility in Merrylands to the current Auburn PCYC. My fellow Granville Ward Councillor Joe Rahme has been especially supportive of this proposal. We have been aware for a considerable period that our youth in Merrylands need a place to call their own – a place where they can express themselves and be supported, a place where they can train and be healthy, and a place where they can interact with others in a positive way, the Cumberland City way.


This strong and growing concentration of youth in our community will benefit immensely by being able to access a Police Citizens Youth Club in the Merrylands area, and with Council’s support I am sure that NSW PCYC can investigate the establishment of a PCYC in Merrylands where it is desperately needed.


The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Sarkis, Councillor Rahme and myself see this as an important initiative to progress, and I want to affirm that we as a Council are committed to exploring all possible avenues to assist the youth of Cumberland City Council, and NSW PCYC who do great work in the community.


The first step of this process, is for Council to identify if there is a potential location for the establishment of a PCYC in Merrylands.









Therefore Councillors, tonight I am recommending the following:




That Council identify suitable locations within Council’s property portfolio for a potential lease to NSW PCYC, for the purpose of establishing a new PCYC in the Merrylands area.