Extraordinary Cumberland Local Planning Panel Meeting

 20 July 2020

Minutes of the Electronic Determination Cumberland Local Planning Panel Meeting held Monday 20 July 2020.


Stuart McDonald (Chairperson), John Brunton, Marjorie Ferguson and Irene Simms.

Declarations Of Interest:

There were no declarations of interest.






The matter was deferred for electronic determination in order that the Panel may be satisfied regarding the history of approval on the site and the ability to grant consent.


Panel Decision


The Panel is satisfied that adequate evidence and advice has been provided confirming the existence of existing use rights under the EPA Act and EPA Regulation and that the application is able to be determined. The Panel decision is approval of the application as recommended by the Council officers, including the recommended conditions and the amended condition circulated to the Panel as part of the Addendum Report on 17 July 2020.


For: Stuart McDonald (Chairperson), John Brunton, Marjorie Ferguson and Irene Simms.


Against: Nil.


Reasons for Decision:


1.      The Panel acknowledges that the existing twin sided static advertising sign adjacent to the M4 Motorway has development consent and based on the information provided by the Council, including legal advice, is an “existing use” for the purposes of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and Regulation.  


2.    As the proposal is for the replacement of the static advertising signage with LED signage and noting no objections have been raised by RMS, the Panel is satisfied that the application is consistent with State Environmental Planning Policy No 64 – Advertising and Signage, Holroyd Local Environmental Plan 2013, Holroyd Development Control Plan 2013 and Cumberland Council Large Display Advertising Policy.


3.    Subject to the recommended conditions of consent, including the amended condition provided to the Panel on 17 July 2020, approval of the application will be in the public interest. 



Stuart McDonald