Council Meeting

 Wednesday, 17 June 2020  at  6:30pm


Cumberland City Council Chambers

Merrylands Service Centre, 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands



Councillor Contact Details



Granville Ward

Clr Steve Christou


0419 651 187

Clr Ola Hamed

0405 070 007

Clr Joseph Rahme

0418 995 471

Greystanes Ward

Clr Greg Cummings

0417 612 717

Clr Eddy Sarkis

(Deputy Mayor)

0418 306 918




Regents Park Ward

Clr Ned Attie

0419 583 254

Clr George Campbell

0409 233 315

Clr Kun Huang

0418 911 774

South Granville Ward

Clr Glenn Elmore

0418 459 527

Clr Paul Garrard

0414 504 504

Clr Tom Zreika

0400 805 303

Wentworthville Ward

Clr Lisa Lake

0418 669 681

Clr Suman Saha

0419 546 950

Clr Michael Zaiter

0418 432 797





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Council Meeting

 17 June 2020


Council Meeting – 17 June 2020

Mayoral Minutes

MM06/20-33.... Mayoral Minute - Councillor Briefings & Workshops During Covid 19................................................................................................. 5



Council Meeting

 17 June 2020


Item No: MM06/20-33

Mayoral Minute - Councillor Briefings & Workshops During Covid-19

Author:                                      Mayor Steve Christou

File Number:                              SC486  




During the Covid-19 period, the General Manager and Council officers have continually made changes to ensure that the elected Council continues to function as effectively as possible, with appropriate social distancing implemented and the public health order adhered to at all times.

As you can see tonight and from the previous Councillor Workshop, Council has now set up some temporary desks within the Chamber for Councillors on the side of the main table, which will allow ample social distancing for all Councillors. It has been confirmed that this setup can accommodate the return of all 14 Councillors to this Chamber with appropriate social distancing measures in place.

With a number of Councillors returning to the Chamber last meeting, I think we would all agree that a more effective Council meeting was held.

Whilst the Covid-19 amendments to the Local Government Act require Councils to make Council meetings available via audio/visual links, Councillor briefings and workshops are a matter to be determined by each Council. The NSW Public Health Order has been relaxed of late, with many Council services reopening such as libraries, Parks and Customer Service Centres to name a few. All Council Officers have commenced rotational return to work arrangements. There is nothing preventing this Council from re-convening in person, in the interests of conducting more effective Councillor briefings and workshops.

It is has been clearly evident to me that conducting Councillor briefings via web conferencing has not been as effective as meeting in person. Councillors leave their workstations for extended periods, do not display their full faces, and Councillors on the web conferencing service often do not participate and contribute. The most effective leadership in this Council occurs in this Chamber, and our community deserve us operating in the most effective fashion for them in deliberating and making decisions. We need to be in this chamber to do that in my view.

Councillors who do not wish to attend Councillor briefings will continue to receive the relevant information disseminated to all Councillors, and are able to ask the General Manager or relevant Director any queries they may have on the matter being workshopped. Councillors will not however, be able to click on a link anymore and have themselves marked as attending a Council briefing or workshop. I take my commitments to this Council, my fellow Councillors and the community very seriously, and I believe all Councillors should do so as well, and come in and contribute to the effective leadership of this community.

Therefore Councillors, I am recommending the following:



That Council conduct all future Councillor Briefings and Workshops in person, with appropriate social distancing implemented in accordance with the NSW Public Health Order, with all Councillors required to attend in person to confirm their attendance.