Extraordinary Council Meeting

 Wednesday, 27 May 2020  at  6:00pm


Cumberland City Council Chambers

Merrylands Service Centre, 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands



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Granville Ward

Clr Steve Christou


0419 651 187


Clr Ola Hamed

0405 070 007


Clr Joseph Rahme

0418 995 471


Greystanes Ward

Clr Greg Cummings

0417 612 717


Clr Eddy Sarkis

(Deputy Mayor)

0418 306 918





Regents Park Ward

Clr Ned Attie

0419 583 254


Clr George Campbell

0409 233 315


Clr Kun Huang

0418 911 774


South Granville Ward

Clr Glenn Elmore

0418 459 527


Clr Paul Garrard

0414 504 504


Clr Tom Zreika

0400 805 303


Wentworthville Ward

Clr Lisa Lake

0418 669 681


Clr Suman Saha

0419 546 950


Clr Michael Zaiter

0418 432 797






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Extraordinary Council Meeting

 27 May 2020


Extraordinary Council Meeting – 27 May 2020

Mayoral Minutes

MM05/20-30   Mayoral Minute - Council's Response to Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions....................................................................... 5



Extraordinary Council Meeting

 27 May 2020


Item No: EMM05/20-30

Mayoral Minute - Council's Response to Easing of Covid-19 Restrictions

Author:                                      Mayor Steve Christou

File Number:                              SC486  





I have been disappointed to hear some criticism that Council is not acting quickly enough to reopen facilities and services as the state government eases the Covid-19 restrictions.


At all times during the current pandemic, the decisions of Council’s Critical Incident Management Team have been guided by the overriding principle of protecting the health and safety of Council staff and of our community. Council took a measured approach to the imposition of the restrictions and will take a similarly measured approach to the easing of restrictions.


The worst possible outcome would be for Council to act too quickly to ease restrictions and either a staff member or a member of the community becomes infected as a result.

The Critical Incident Management Team’s deliberations are guided by Council’ s adopted Risk Management Policy, the latest version of the NSW Public Health Order and any published exemptions. Federal and State Government announcements are also monitored on a daily basis.


As late as yesterday the NSW Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, stated that Covid-19 is likely to be around for at least a further 12 months, and I believe therefore that it is unlikely that things will return to complete normality before this. It is important therefore that Council remains vigilant and takes all steps necessary to ensure that its operations are conducted in such a way that social distancing and all other restrictions are complied with.


Therefore Councillors I am recommending the following:





That Council support a measured approach to the reopening of Council services and facilities, consistent with the NSW Public Health Order and other state government guidelines.