Council Meeting

 Wednesday, 18 March 2020  at 6:30pm


Cumberland City Council Chambers

Merrylands Service Centre, 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands



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Granville Ward

Clr Steve Christou


0419 651 187

Clr Ola Hamed

0405 070 007

Clr Joseph Rahme

0418 995 471

Greystanes Ward

Clr Greg Cummings

0417 612 717

Clr Eddy Sarkis

(Deputy Mayor)

0418 306 918




Regents Park Ward

Clr Ned Attie

0419 583 254

Clr George Campbell

0409 233 315

Clr Kun Huang

0418 911 774

South Granville Ward

Clr Glenn Elmore

0418 459 527

Clr Paul Garrard

0414 504 504

Clr Tom Zreika

0400 805 303

Wentworthville Ward

Clr Lisa Lake

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Clr Suman Saha

0419 546 950

Clr Michael Zaiter

0418 432 797





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Council Meeting

 18 March 2020


Council Meeting – 18 March 2020

Mayoral Minutes

MM03/20-25   Mayoral Minute - Council's Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)                       5


 NOTE: Council released communications during the day on Council’s website advising  that the  community participate in  tonight’s meeting via livestream rather than physical attendance  due to Coronavirus concerns.

Council Meeting

 18 March 2020


Item No: MM03/20-25

Mayoral Minute - Council's Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Author:                                      Mayor Steve Christou

File Number:                              SC486  




The world is being rocked by the Coronavirus pandemic. The latest media reports indicate that NSW has reported 57 new cases, 6 deaths in Australia, 5 of them from NSW.

Personally, it’s a situation that I’ve never seen in my lifetime, and as a Council we’ve needed to take urgent and immediate measures to contain the spread of the virus as the situation escalates.

Many of our residents will be watching our live stream tonight instead of being at this meeting, in person. Closing the public gallery of a Council meeting is not a decision we’ve made lightly, but out of necessity for the health of the community.

The Prime Minister and the NSW Minister for Health have announced strict measures for all Australians to follow, which include cancelling any events or gatherings where more than 100 people will attend, and increasing sanitisation and hygiene protocols.

As a result, the following measures are proposed for Cumberland City Council to ensure that we are both complying with the directions from the various levels of government, and being prudent and looking after the safety of our community:

·    Closing Council’s Libraries to the public until further notice;

·    Suspending the Learn to Swim program until further notice, with all pools remaining open at this stage for general public use;

·    Cancelling Citizenship Ceremonies until further notice;

·    No events or bookings will be accepted for the Holroyd Centre, Central Gardens, Holroyd Gardens or Auburn Botanic Gardens;

Council events that have already been cancelled and will not proceed this year include:

Youth Week

Cumberland Reconciliation Day

Ramadan Street Food Festival

Fun 4 Kids "Warali Wali' Naidoc Event

Refugee Camp in my neighbourhood

Anzac Day - events assist the RSL sub branches with their events.


A decision will be made closer to the event date in relation to the Cherry Blossom Festival.


·    Casual hirers of Council’s facilities are able to cancel any bookings made prior to today, within 30 days of the booking occurring with a full refund provided;

·    Cancelling all non essential community, sport, and youth programs until further notice. Important essential services such as Meals on Wheels will continue at this stage;

·    Working from home arrangements for Council staff will be implemented where feasible and possible by the General Manager, to minimise risks to business continuity;

·    Childcare services to continue operating as normal, and will be closely monitored in accordance with any determination made in relation to the closing of schools across NSW.

·    Any capital works that have not been committed will be postponed to offset the loss of revenue anticipated as a result of these measures. This does not affect routine repairs and maintenance works. 

I acknowledge these are drastic measures which will affect our community, but the health and safety of our staff and residents is absolutely our priority.

Given the Coronavirus and relevant directions from the Prime Minister are evolving on a daily basis, I am also seeking the support of Council to delegate authority to myself and the General Manager to be able to make decisions about Council services between Council meetings that need to be made to accord with the relevant directions issued.

Finally, I want to reassure residents that Council’s essential services will continue to be delivered. Bins will be collected, our contact centre will remain open to answer the calls of our community.

Therefore Councillors, I am recommending the following:



That Council:

1.     Endorse the actions within the Mayoral Minute; and

2.     Delegate authority to the Mayor and General Manager to exercise the powers of Council between meetings for any urgent or critical decisions to be made relating to the minimisation of the spread of the Corona Virus, in accordance with s.226(o) and s. 377 of the Local Government Act 1993.