Council Meeting

 20 March 2019


Minutes of the Council Meeting 20 March 2019

Meeting commenced at 6:31pm


Greg Cummings (Mayor)


Glenn Elmore (Deputy Mayor)


Ned Attie


George Campbell


Steve Christou


Ross Grove


Ola Hamed


Kun Huang


Lisa Lake


Suman Saha


Michael Zaiter


Tom Zreika


Hamish McNulty

General Manager

Melissa Attia

Director People & Performance

Daniel Cavallo

Director Environment & Planning

Brooke Endycott

Director Community Development

Peter Fitzgerald

Director Works & Infrastructure

Richard Sheridan

Director Finance & Governance



Also Present:

Charlie Ayoub

Group Manager Corporate & Customer

Carol Karaki

Governance Coordinator

Laith Jammal

Governance Administration Officer


Opening of Meeting

The Mayor, Councillor Cummings declared the meeting open at 6:31pm.



Change of Order of Business

Resolved  (Cummings/Hamed)

That in accordance with Clause 1.6(2) of the Code of Meeting Practice, Council suspend standing orders to alter the order of business, to allow the Opening Prayers to follow the Mayoral Minute in the order of business.

Acknowledgement of Country

The Mayor, Councillor Cummings read out the following Acknowledgement of Country:


“I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land – the Darug People, and pay my respects to their elders both past and present.”

National Anthem

At this point in the meeting the Mayor, Councillor Cummings asked all of those in attendance to stand for the playing of the Australian National Anthem.

Notice of Live Streaming of Council Meeting

The General Manager, Hamish McNulty advised that the Council meeting was being streamed live on Council's website and members of the public must ensure their speech to the Council is respectful and use appropriate language.



Mayoral Minute – Attack on Christchurch

Resolved  (Hamed/Zreika)

That Council write to the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the Mayor of Christchurch to extend its condolences.


Following the Mayoral Minute, the Mayor, Councillor Cummings requested that the Chamber stand for a minute of silence.


The Mayor, Councillor Cummings then advised:


“Before we continue, I have been informed that Councillor Rahme’s brother in law has sadly passed away. He leaves behind a wife and 4 sons. On behalf of Council, I send our sincerest condolences to Councillor Rahme and his family. Council’s usual protocol is to send flowers in these instances. Councillor Rahme has specifically requested that Council instead makes an equivalent donation to the appropriate cause supporting the families of the Christchurch attack.”


In conjunction with the Mayoral Minute, and given the events of the weekend in Christchurch, Council has asked for prayers from two faiths. The Prayers were read by Father Peter Blayney from Guildford Catholic Church and Sheik Mohammed Alzoubi from Auburn Islamic Community Centre.

Min.446        Apologies/Leave of Absence

Note: Councillor Sarkis was noted as an apology as Leave of Absence was granted at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 6 March 2019.


Resolved (Attie/Elmore)


1.       Councillors Garrard and Rahme be granted Leave of Absence for this Council Meeting. 

2.       Councillor Zreika be granted Leave of Absence for the Ordinary Council Meeting to be held on 3 April 2019.

Declarations of Pecuniary & Non Pecuniary Conflicts of Interest

The Director of Environment and Planning, Daniel Cavallo, declared a significant, non-pecuniary interest in Item C03/19-38 as his wife works for the company providing the services to Council.

Confirmation of Minutes


C03/19-28 Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council - 6 March 2019

Resolved  (Attie/Christou)

That Council confirm the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 6 March 2019.



Items by Exception

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

At this time of the meeting, all items on the agenda not called for discussion were moved collectively, as shown:

That item numbers C03/19-29, C03/19-31, C03/19-32, C03/19-33, C03/19-34, C03/19-35, C03/19-36, C03/19-37 and C03/19-38 be moved in bulk.



C03/19-29 Investment Report - February 2019

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

That the report be received.



C03/19-31 Adoption of New Model Code of Conduct & Procedures for the Administration of the Code of Conduct

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

That Council adopt the new Model Code of Conduct and Procedures for the Administration of the Code of Conduct as attached to this report.



C03/19-32 Outstanding Construction Bonds By Suburb

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

That Council receive this report.



C03/19-33 Road Naming for two new streets in proposed subdivision, Lot 12 DP1175686, Palmer Street, Guildford West.

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

That Council:

1.     Endorse the proposed preferred names of Cottage Circuit (New Road 1) and Basin Parkway (New Road 2), together with the alternative road names for both roads, for public exhibition; and

2.     Proceed with finalisation of these preferred road names with the NSW Geographical Names Board (GNB) following public exhibition, subject to no objections being received. If objections are received, a further report will be provided to Council.



C03/19-34 Cumberland Heritage Committee - Minutes of meeting held 12 February 2019, Related Cumberland Local Heritage Rebate Program and Cumberland Local Heritage Awards Program for 2019, Related Motions.

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

That Council:

1.   Receive the minutes of the Cumberland Heritage Committee meeting held on 12 February 2019;


2.   Endorse the recommendation of the Cumberland Heritage Committee, as detailed in those minutes, to make minor changes to three (3) categories to the Awards;


3.   Adopt the Heritage Rebate Program Guidelines, as amended and undertake the Rebate Program in 2019 accordingly;


4.   Adopt the Heritage Awards Guidelines, as amended and, undertake the Awards in 2019 accordingly;


5.   Receive and note the motion carried by the Committee to acknowledge the excellent work of the staff involved in organising the bus and walking tour of heritage sites in Granville; and


6.   Receive and note the motion by the nominees of the Auburn Heritage Sub-Committee.






C03/19-35 Draft Prospect Hill Plan of Management

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

That Council adopt the Prospect Hill Plan of Management incorporating the Prospect Hill Landscape Masterplan, as included in Attachment 1 and 2 of this report.



C03/19-36 Tender Evaluation Report - Mona Park Changerooms Upgrade

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

That Council:


1.  Accept the Evaluation Panel’s recommendation to award the Contract for the construction of Mona Park Changerooms Upgrade to Axis Constructions Pty Ltd (ABN 79 002 482 359) in accordance with Clause 178(1)(a) of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, for an amount of $747,678.00 ex GST as the most advantageous and best value offer received.

2.  Delegate to the General Manager the authority to execute the contract and any associated documents.



C03/19-37 Parking Fine Concessions

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

That Council write to the NSW Treasurer, advising of Council’s decision not to opt-in to reduced parking fines within the Cumberland Local Government area.



C03/19-38 Tendering Exemption - RPS Group Pty Ltd - Merrylands CBD Culvert Upgrade Project

Resolved  (Attie/Saha)

That Council:

1.     Approve an exemption to invite Tenders in accordance with s55(3)(i) of the Local Government Act 1993, as achieving a satisfactory result by inviting tenders is considered unlikely given the existing contractor is already providing project management services to Council that are directly related to the proposed additional scope of works.

2.     Endorse the engagement of RPS Group Pty Ltd for the provision of Project Management Services for the Merrylands Neil Street precinct (HB Home Improvements), to the total maximum value of $190,800 excluding GST.


C03/19-30 Pendle Hill Commuter Car Park

Resolved  (Grove/Attie)

That Council:

1.     Note this report; and

2.     Continue to liaise with Transport for NSW to identify a suitable location for a commuter car park in the Pendle Hill area.



C03/19-39 Notice of Motion - Staff Allocations and Resources - Street and Town Centre Cleaning

Resolved  (Attie/Zaiter)



1.  A report including but not limited to the following, be provided to Council regarding staff allocations and resources that are currently in use for street and town centre cleaning along with verge mowing and the general state of the LGA:

a)  The number of staff Council employs to undertake the general cleaning of the LGA including any contractors used;

b)  The number of teams and what area they look after including the number of streets they are responsible for;

c)  The number of street sweepers council owns and where and when they are deployed including how often they are used;

d)  Which town centres are cleaned and how often;

e)  The cost of implementing an LGA wide verge mowing service for the community or alternative solutions;

f)   The number of staff and/or teams required to increase the current level of services to an acceptable standard;

g)  Any equipment required to increase the current level of services to an acceptable standard;

h)  A draft service model to distribute cleaning staff and crews across the LGA according to need;

i)   The cost implications for increasing the required resources above to meet community expectations; and

j)   Investigate a strategy to better manage the issue of abandoned shopping trolleys.

2.  The report include an LGA wide total amount for the above and also have the results divided in 3 parts with respect to items 1, 2 and 3. 

3.  The division of the 3 parts will be the East of the LGA from Rookwood cemetery to Duck River, the Centre of the LGA being the former Woodville Ward and the West of the LGA from the Merrylands Railway Line to Prospect Reservoir.

4.  The report not include waste collection services, that is the collection of domestic/commercial waste bins.

5.  If required, the report include staff recommendation for future expansion of the cleaning services to our town centres and wider LGA for budget purposes.